Burnham-On-Sea’s MP has endorsed a damning new report that criticises government research and proposals to build new nuclear power stations, such as Hinkley C, around the UK.

The report, entitled ‘A Corruption of Governance?’ was written by the No Need for Nuclear campaign group and supported by Unlock Democracy and the Association for the Conservation of Energy.

It has been supported by a cross-party group of MPs, including Burnham’s MP, Tessa Munt and Martin Horwood, the Lib Dem MP for Cheltenham and Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavillion.

The report raises concerns that both MPs and the public have allegedly been “misled” by Government research into the need for new nuclear power stations.

Specifically, it claims that the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) commissioned research based on the assumption that ten new nuclear reactors would be built, and then presented its research as ‘evidence’ for the need of these new reactors.

The report goes on to add that on the basis of other Government evidence, there is no need for new nuclear in order to meet demand and reduce emissions, nuclear is not the cheapest of the low-carbon technologies and it sets out how successive Governments have been badly advised for a long time.

Tessa Munt said: “I have made my opposition to nuclear power, and particularly to the proposed new reactor at Hinkley Point C, clear.”

“Whether people are in favour of, or against, nuclear power, it is essential that Parliament and the public are provided with accurate information in Government reports and public documents.”

“Transparency and close scrutiny of dealings between Government and the nuclear industry are crucial so the public can be confident that they are not being misled by policy makers.”

“I urge the Government to reopen the debate in Parliament so we can be as objective as possible in this critical area.”

Pictured: Tessa Munt being interviewed on the BBC’s Daily Politics Show and, above, how Hinkley Point C will look

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