The front of a run-down property in Burnham-On-Sea has been cleared by the district council this week after a legal order was served on the owner to clean it up.

Sedgemoor District Council says it acted under Section 215 of the Town and Country Planning Act, which gives it the power to “improve the street scene for the benefit of the community.”

In an operation lasting nearly five hours, four lorry loads of rubbish were cleared away from the front garden of the property in Oxford Street.

Large amounts had been piled there for several years, much to the concern of nearby residents and the Town Council, which has worked closely with Sedgemoor District Council on the matter.

Burnham Police were also involved in this week’s clean-up and a spokesman told “This operation was undertaken following Sedgemoor District Council approaching the Constabulary requesting our attendance to prevent any breach of the peace at or in the vicinity of the address.”

“The clearance of the front of the property went without incident and local people have approached the council and the Police to say what an improvement it has made to the area.”

“This was another good example of multi-agency work in Burnham-On-Sea.”