Sue Mountstevens has been re-elected to the post of Police and Crime Commissioner for Avon and Somerset.

The Independent candidate received 26% of first preference votes and was elected after second preference votes were counted.

Turnout within Sedgemoor was 18.29% and several polling stations in Burnham-On-Sea reported turnout at around 12%.

Ms Mountstevens received a total of 118,547 first and second preferences compared to her nearest challenger, Labour’s Kerry Barker. Mr Barker polled 100,565 of the first and second preference votes. Turnout across the whole region was 26%, up from 19% in 2012.

Ms Mountstevens said she wanted to thank everyone who voted her back in, and said she looked forward to “grasping the opportunities and facing the challenges” of the job.

“We will prevent crime. We will fight crime. And we will work with all our communities,” she added.

Ms Mountstevens, 60, is married with three children and lives in North Somerset. She was elected the area’s first Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012 and was previously an independent member of Avon and Somerset Police Authority and a former magistrate for 15 years.

In Sedgemoor, Ms Mountstevens was first after the first stage and Mark Weston was in second but he lost out to Labour’s Kerry Barker across the whole region.


1st Sue MOUNTSTEVENS (Ind) 82,708 then second stage: 118,547 elected
2nd Kerry BARKER (Lab) 75,538 then second stage: 100,565
3rd Mark WESTON (Con) 61,335 then second stage: n/a
4th Aaron FOOT (UKIP) 28,038 then second stage: n/a
5th Paul CROSSLEY (Lib Dem) 23,429 then second stage: n/a
6th Chris BRITON (Green) 23,414 then second stage: n/a
7th Kevin PHILLIPS (Ind) 22,667 then second stage: n/a

SEDGEMOOR ELEMENT OF VOTE: (including Burnham-On-Sea area)

1st Sue MOUNTSTEVENS (Ind) 4,616 then second stage: 2,109
2nd Mark WESTON (Con) 3,894 then second stage: n/a
3rd Kerry BARKER (Lab) 2,420 then second stage: 824
4th Aaron FOOT (UKIP) 2,149 then second stage: n/a
5th Kevin PHILLIPS (Ind) 1,433 then second stage: n/a
6th Paul CROSSLEY (Lib Dem) 814 then second stage: n/a
7th Chris BRITON (Green) 625 then second stage: n/a