A long-awaited pedestrian crossing will be installed along a busy road in Burnham-On-Sea early next year despite delays caused by increased roadworks across the region after last winter’s floods, Somerset County Council said this week.

Burnham county councillor Peter Burridge-Clayton, pictured above, initially announced the project last year after securing tens of thousands of pounds for the work.

The new crossing will be installed along the busy stretch of road outside the Kathleen Chambers care home, operated by the Royal National Institute Of The Blind, near the Texaco petrol station.

Cllr Burridge-Clayton told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I raised this at a latest meeting and was told that due to the floods last winter, all these road schemes had suffered delays because the flood repairs have been a priority across Somerset.”

“However, a priority list has been drawn up for the hundreds of outstanding schemes throughout the county and I am pleased to say that the Berrow Road crossing is on the priority list and I have been assured that it will be completed during this financial year.”

“The contract is being drawn up with a view to it being completed in January or February. The finance and will is still in place and the promise of a crossing still stands, but the delays were unavoidable due to the flooding priority.”

Harvey Siggs, the county council’s highways cabinet member, confirmed: “The Berrow Road crossing is on our priority list and is scheduled to go ahead early in 2015. The exact timing may be weather dependent if we have more flooding or a very icy winter, but it is scheduled to be completed this financial year.”