Over 50 residents have sent letters of complaint to the Town Council, raising their concerns about a pavement trader in Burnham-On-Sea’s town centre.

Councillors have this week debated the safety concerns regarding the street trader located in Pier Street, pictured here.

The stall, located along the side wall of the 99p store, sells beach and holiday items and is legally allowed there because the curtilage of pavement is owned by the shop.

However, residents and councillors are concerned about the growing size of the trading area and claim it is raising safety fears.

Cllr Peter Burridge-Clayton said: “There is growing concern from members of the public and traders. The Town Clerk has received 45 letters of complaint with another ten on the way.”

He said that a van is regularly being driven across the pavement into the area to create three trading pitches, and that there are safety concerns about the space that is being used.

“It is expanding onto the pavement itself, so whilst they do own a little land at the front and besides the property, they are now expanding onto the pavement,” said Cllr Burridge-Clayton at this week’s council meeting.

“The main concern is the fact that a vehicle is being parked on the pavement – I don’t think it should be there. It is quite a serious problem and it has been going on for quite some time.”

Cllr Andy Bewer agreed, adding: “My concern is on safety grounds. I witnessed this several times at the weekend. There were a significant number of people around there and the way the stall is set up it does actually encroach on the dimpled area adjacent to the crossing. Even when there are a small number of people there, it greatly restricts access and there is a quite a significant safety concern there.”

And Cllr Paul Young added: “This is the busiest area in Burnham-On-Sea with the heaviest footfall. At the weekend there is definitely a safety problem. I am worried about it and something has to be done.”

The council is set to write to the property’s owner to discuss the concerns further.

Video coverage of this week’s council debate is shown below: