Plans to turn two ‘run down’ former shops in Burnham-On-Sea into new homes have been approved by the district council.

Sedgemoor District Council has this week formally approved an application to create two new semi-detached houses in place of the former shops at 40-42 Abingdon Street.

It comes after the Town Council’s Planning Applications Committee recently supported the application, as we reported here.

Councillors heard that the ground floor shops have been vacant for some time and appear run down.

Town councillor Peter Clayton said: “This would be a great improvement from what’s there at the moment. The proposed houses are modern, fill the space nicely and will I am sure be welcomed by residents. I fully support this.”

Cllr Andy Brewer added: “It’s admirable that businesses have tried to make a go of it here in the past but this will be a great improvement to the street scene.” 

Town councillors supported the plans, but the final decision rested with Sedgemoor District Council which has now given the final ‘green light’.