A warning has been issued to fans of smartphone app game Pokemon Go not to put themselves in danger on beaches in the Burnham-On-Sea area after two youngsters were spotted wading through beach mud this week.

Brean’s beach warden had to call the two teenage girls back from knee-deep mud as they waded half a mile out across the mudflats to hunt for the game’s virtual monsters.

“They were certainly putting themselves at risk as they struggled through the mud while holding up their mobile phones,” beach warden Dave Furber told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“I called them back up the beach using the truck’s loud speaker system and they explained the game they’d been playing.”

“I gave them safety advice and would urge other players not to put themselves in danger on the mudflats. The tide comes in quickly and people can easily get into difficulty – it’s not worth the risk.”

Pokemon Go was launched last week and involves players searching for digital creatures in real-life locations.

Since its launch, its popularity has prompted a series of safety warnings amid reports of players finding themselves in dangerous situations across the UK.