A motorist was rushed to hospital after a dramatic car accident on Wednesday night (May 3rd) which resulted in the wall around an electricity sub-station being demolished, as pictured above.

Burnham-On-Sea fire-fighters, police and paramedics rushed to Marine Drive just after 8pm after the car veered off the road into the sub-station opposite the entrance to Apex Leisure Park.

A fire brigade spokesman told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Our crew was called out at 8.02pm and as the fire station is close by they were able to quickly check that the sub-station, road and vehicle were safe.”

“There were no trapped persons, although the driver of the car was taken to Weston General Hospital by paramedics.”

Marine Drive was closed to traffic for several minutes after the accident, and metal fences were put around the sub-station.

Initial concerns that the power generators themselves may have been damaged proved unfounded.

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