A decision on the route of a controversial power line through Somerset – which could include the Burnham-On-Sea area – is to be announced by energy bosses on Thursday (September 29th).

National Grid is to reveal its preferred route corridor for a proposed 400,000 volt overhead line between Hinkley Point and Avonmouth.

The announcement has already been condemned as ‘pointless’ by campaigners. Local resident Wendy Kemshead, who is opposed to the pylons, told Burnham-On-Sea.com “It is totally premature and ridiculous to announce the route for high voltage, overhead pylons from Hinkley to Avonmouth when the building of the new Hinkley nuclear reactor has been delayed, and a decision has not yet been made about whether pylons should even be used.”

Campaigners believe all of the Hinkley transmission route should be placed underground.

Paul Hipwell from pressure group No Moor Pylons told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “According to National Grid’s own figures, the cost for putting the entire Hinkley to Avonmouth route underground would equate to only £1 on the average domestic electricity bill. We think that one pound is a price well worth paying to protect the stunning Somerset countryside and the 26,000 jobs in tourism in this area.”

He added that National Grid originally claimed it would cost twelve to seventeen times more to bury the cables than to erect pylons, but experience in other countries suggests that it is only three to four times more expensive.

And he added: “National Grid are ignoring the feedback and views of our elected representatives and instead proceeding to announce which is their preferred route choice for electricity pylons.”

“They are holding a meeting at Bridgwater Exchange on 29th September to announce their decision to officers, members and MPs.”

“Despite a request, no members of the public or campaign groups have been invited. The views of people across the region are clear, they want to see the pylons put underground or undersea.”

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