Work is underway to extend a lifeboat launching area on Burnham-On-Sea beach this week.

The improved low water launch facility next to the jetty relies on bog mats constructed from high density hardwood.

The RNLI says the mats have been in operation for several months since being introduced last year and have proved to be a success.

So much so, that the contractor who originally provided the mats was recently asked to provide an extension further towards the river bank.

Burnham RNLI spokesman Mike Lang told “Unfortunately, the contractor’s supplier provided timber of the wrong specification, prompting rumours of trial failure, when the additional wood proved to be too buoyant. Eagle-eyed beach walkers have spotted this.”

“The contractor will be replacing the extended mats as soon as practicable.”

Lifeboat Operations Manager Matt Davies added: “This low-water launch facility has proved to be invaluable to us when launching at low water. We look forward to using the completed launch mat extension.”