A Burnham-On-Sea resident has this week called on Somerset County Council to do more to ensure road lines are visible across the town, saying pedestrians’ safety is currently being put at risk.

Mike Young told the Town Council’s latest meeting that many road markings in the town have been “neglected” and need to be repainted.

He said: “There is a real problem with a lack of road markings – it’s especially noticeable on the streets coming off The Esplanade.”

“I witnessed a near collision in Pier Street at the junction with The Esplanade where some of the road markings are barely visible.”

“Other roads that need addressing are Manor Road and Marine Drive. Even several of the town’s zebra crossings are disappearing because the paint is going.”

He added: “It’s about time that Somerset County Council spent some money in Burnham.”

The Town Clerk Tatiana Cant says she will be taking up the matter with the County Council’s highways department.

Pictured: The poor road markings on Burnham-On-Sea’s Esplanade and in College Street