An RSPCA animal shelter near Burnham-On-Sea is having to turn away abandoned dogs because it cannot afford to help them.

The RSPCA says it is short of £300,000 to build new kennels at its Brent Knoll centre (pictured right) and rescued dogs are having to be kept in private kennels.

This had left it with a huge £13,000 a month boarding bill and the RSPCA has therefore had to reduce the number of dogs it helps because of the costs.

“The dogs we help are kept in private kennels at Lympsham. They are very helpful and have been re-homing them but it’s difficult and expensive,” said centre manager Nikki Tutton.

“We have on average 15 dogs in the private kennels. We had to reduce the numbers we helped due to our finances. We are having to refer them to other RSPCA centres for help when we would really like to be helping them.”

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