Huge sand art designs have been created on Brean beach by a group of talented school pupils.

Brent Knoll School pupils recently read about sand artists Julian Richardson and Simon Beck on and wanted to try their own hand at creating the designs.

“I knew that the children would be learning various apects of geometry in Mathematics and I had the idea that it could lead into some similar art work,” said head teacher, Chris Burman.

“In the computing classes, we used our knowledge of shapes and angles to simulate rotating patterns, with a view to transferring these to sand.”

“The children really enjoyed having this to work towards and it has made our learning meaningful.”

“When we got back to class in the afternoon, we set up a newsroom – each pupil had a laptop and worked to create their own newspaper article, with headline, photos, quotes and all!”

The school is very supportive of outdoor learning and actively encourages opportunities to use the local environment to support learning.

Thanks also go to the National Trust for providing indoor classroom space and a drink for the class.

Pictured: Paula Baker, Chris Burman, Paul Burton (sand artist with Julian Richardson) and pupils creating the art work (aerial shot by Paul Burton)