The following story was run on Saturday April 1st and was, we can assure readers, an April Fool!

Innovative plans to boost Burnham-On-Sea’s tourism economy by turning the town’s sea water blue are revealed today (Saturday).

Local tourism bosses are concerned at the financial affects of the EU’s sea water bathing ban, introduced last year, when stringent water quality checks came into force.

So now they are investing in the use of a brand new, environmentally-friendly water dye that’s deep blue in colour to give the sea a more attractive look.

“The water dye would be pumped into the sea water just off Stert Island at the time of each incoming tide to turn the water the same lovely blue as the Mediterrean or Caribbean,” says a spokesman for the water firm.

“The dye does not stain sand or mud, and is 100% harmless to people or animals such as fish and pets.”

“It dissolves and washes away without leaving any residue, but turns the water a wonderful deep blue for six hours around each high tide – it will be quite different to the current silty brown colour.”

Holidaymakers in Burnham have this week welcomed the proposals. “The new look sounds lovely and will make Burnham more of an attraction, especially for those of us walking by the sea or paddling,” said one user, Sally Rogers.

The cost of the scheme is said to be in the region of £50,000 per year with more details expected over the next few days.