The contractors working on the renovation of seafront shelters in Burnham-On-Sea have apologised about slow progress with the work.

Residents along The Esplanade report that the shelters have been fenced off with scaffolding but there has been little progress with completing the work in time for the summer holidays.

Sedgemoor District Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told “The contractors put up the scaffolding but somehow lost their ‘slot’ with the roofers.”

“However, the application of the roofing membrane to the first shelter on the Esplanade is starting this week, with the decorations to the concrete soffit and projecting sections starting once that is done.”

“The cleaning of the roof area and pointing of the stone work has been completed. The roof outlets have been checked to make sure they are free flowing and the contractors are waiting for the delivery of the replacement parts.”

“Once the tower scaffold has been delivered to the shelter to the far right of the Pier, decorations will start. The contractors apologise for lack of progress.”