Secret World Wildlife Rescue managed to rescue a buzzard after it got entangled in a net at Enmore Park Golf Club in Somerset

A team at Secret World Wildlife Rescue defied the odds after rescuing a stranded buzzard trapped over 20 feet above the ground.

Charity staff were alerted to the bird’s distress after it managed to become entangled in a large safety net at Enmore Park Golf Club in Somerset.

Graeme Thompson, a volunteer response driver at the charity, was dispatched to rescue the bird.

“When I arrived, I thought it was an impossible rescue because of how high the bird was suspended from the ground,” Graeme told

Emily Redman, an animal carer at Secret World. After Secret World Wildlife managed to rescue a stranded buzzard 20 feet from the ground, it was taken back to their animal centre in East Huntspill, Somerset for assessment

“The net was free-standing, so it was a struggle to find somewhere safe to prop up the ladder to reach the bird.”

“Thankfully, a neighbour lent his help and strength to enable us to reach the bird. I’ve been to many tricky rescues during my time at Secret World; this was one of the trickiest!”

Graeme took the buzzard back to Secret World for a full assessment by the charity’s care team.

Emily Redman, pictured here, assessed the bird and although it appeared to be in good physical condition with a healthy weight of over a kilogram, its right leg was stiff and its talons were clenched owing to the time suspended in the net.

Emily Redman giving the buzzard rehydration fluids after its ordeal

Emily told “We tube-syringed the bird with rehydration fluid and pain killers. In order to protect his tail feathers, we placed them in a protective sleeve for the duration of its hospitalisation.”

“Once he’s fully recovered and rested, we’ll release him back into the wild.”