Nearly 40 Tae Kwon-Do students from across the West of England headed to Burnham-On-Sea to enjoy an evening training session on the beach, making the most of a bright autumn evening with a high tide.

The club’s Jane Lambert said: “Since taking over as senior instructor at the Burnham-On-Sea club in 2014, we have celebrated the new academic year with a special Tae Kwon-Do session of the beach.”

“The evening was perfect, the sun was shining and the tide was heading in. It really was Burnham at its best.”

“After an hour of hard work we all dry off then head to a local fish and chip shop for supper.”

“It’s great to spend time with students and their families outside of the training hall. We all had a fantastic time and are really looking forward to next year!”

Burnham’s Tae Kwon-Do club meets every Tuesday and Thursday at King Alfred School in Highbridge, where beginners of all ages and abilities are always welcome.