Burnham-On-Sea’s Princess Theatre Company will present their latest production, a tense thriller called Islands, on Friday June 17th in The Princess Theatre.

Islands, by Oliver Hulme, is the latest production, set in the dodgiest of Bristol bars and in a gloomy cave in the mountains above Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Islands is a tense thriller of blood ties, politics, drugs, money and divided loyalties.
Old friendships are stretched to breaking point in an Afghan stand-off, a battle of wits – and a fight for survival.

Oliver told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “The Princess Theatre Company always tries to put on productions that are a bit different from most traditional local theatre offerings.”

“This is a thriller, which twists and turns and will keep the audience guessing about the outcome until the very last line. It’s thought provoking and will challenge some attitudes.”

“As with all Princess Theatre Company productions, Islands is an original drama. In the past the PTC has tackled everything from the darkest of dark comedies to Roman myth and its own take on Shakespeare.”

This time The Princess Theatre Company is flipping between Bristol in the 1970s and Aghanistan in the 1980s.

“Islands is an adult play with adult themes, with strong language, drug references and racist language that might shock more modern sensibilities.”

“It would have been easy to excise this from the production, in the interests of political correctness, but the language is authentic for the time and not to include it would have been to deny that those attitudes existed – and indeed for some people still exist today. Islands is not suitable for children.”

Islands will be performed at the Princess Theatre, Princess Street, Burnham, on Friday June 17 at 7.30pm. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets cost £6 (£4 concessions).

Tickets are available online or on the door. The Princess Theatre Company is supported by Burnham and Highbridge Town Council and the Princeess Theatre.

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