Residents living next to Burnham-On-Sea’s expanded Tesco supermarket say it is making their lives ‘hell’ due to extra noise and light from vehicles entering the store via a new entry road.

Homeowners in Olivier Close, who live besides the route into the store, are angry that their concerns are not being listened to by the store or Sedgemoor District Council.

Resident Steve Fraser, right, told “Since the new road layout was introduced, head lights from passing vehicles have been shining into our windows at all hours of the day and causing lots of extra noise.”

“Lorries are arriving in the early morning just a few metres from our houses with engines left running as deliveries are unloaded.”

“Tesco even plans to introduce a new recycling bank at this end of the store, just 100m from our homes, which will further add to the noise day and night.”

He added that a new bund – or soil bank – that has been built next to their properties has not reduced the noise. Furthermore, walkers can see over residents’ fences into their gardens, leading to privacy concerns.

Steve added: “A number of residents from Olivier Close have written repeatedly to Sedgemoor’s planning department to point out a number of planning issues by the Tesco site developer. To date, the Council has not responded to these concerns, all of which fall within their jurisdiction.”

“I spoke to the lead planner several weeks ago who told me to e-mail my issues for attention of the enforcement team. I did this and followed up with four calls and two more e-mails to no avail. This issue is now becoming very stressful – especially for the older residents.”

Fellow resident David Price told “I feel we are being abused as residents – our concerns are not being taken seriously at all.”

“During the construction work, for example, I had pictures falling off my walls and books falling from mantlepieces due to the vibration of the machinery but when I complained I was told not to worry because it would ‘just be temporary’.”

“More recently, the problem of car lights shining in our windows has got so bad that I have had to move out of my bedroom into a room at the back of the house – it’s that bad.”

But Tesco’s Corporate Affairs Manager James Wiggam told “Our new store plans were approved by the council and built in line with this approval.”

“We are committed to being a good neighbour and are very happy to discuss these complaints further with local residents.”

The firm is due to meet residents over the next few days to try and address the concerns.

Pictured: Resident Steve Fraser, above, and David Price who are unhappy with Tesco’s extended store in Burnham

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