Filming of a new big-budget Hollywood blockbuster took place on Brean Down on Tuesday (June 6th) and several readers were among the extras on the set.

Starring as foot soldiers in the The Golden Age – alongside Cate Blanchett – several local residents appeared in the movie.

These special photos, taken with their mobile phone cameras, show the action behind the cameras.

The movie will be a follow-up to the smash hit Elizabeth and readers of had a chance to star in the film when the producers contacted us to find 250 people to star as extras.

Brean Down was transformed into the movie this week to allow filming to proceed on both Monday and Tuesday.

Huge tents and props were craned into position at the weekend by the production team and a gang of contractors, drawing large crowds of onlookers.

The new film is scheduled to be released into cinemas worldwide in 2007 and could give Brean a tourism boost.