The UK Tractor Pulling Championships briefly came to a halt in Brean on Saturday night when one of the vehicles burst into flames.

A high-performance tractor caught alight after suffering an engine failure. Fire extinguishers and water were used to quickly damp down the vehicle and no-one was hurt.

Crowds of spectators have been watching this weekend’s action at Brean Leisure Park, which is being held there for the first time in 20 years.

Over 25 tractors and their drivers are taking part in the championships, which continued on Sunday.

The sport used to be popular in the South West during the 1980s and is now enjoying a revival across the UK.

“The goal of tractor pulling is to find the strongest machine and the best driver. This is done by getting a tractor to pull a weighted sled along a 100meter clay track, the sled increases its resistance the further you pull it. The driver who in the end pulls the sled the furthest, is the winner,” explained Mike Barsby, one of the organisers, at Brean Leisure Park.

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