Tree unveiling at Burnham-On-Sea's St Andrew's School

A tree has this week been planted at Burnham-On-Sea’s St Andrew’s School in memory of Delia Temlett, who passed away recently in her 90s, after working as its dinner lady for many years.

Pupils at St Andrew’s Church of England Junior School joined Terry Temlett, an ex-pupil of the old St Andrew’s School on the seafront, to plant a magnificent Norwegian Maple tree, as pictured here.

The tree was planted in the grounds of the school in memory of Terry’s late mother, Delia, who was a dinner lady at the school.

Head Teacher Ali Pook said: “The new tree joins an oak that was planted 30 years ago in memory of Terry’s father who also had many connections with the school.”

“Tree-planting is very much at the forefront of the school’s work at the moment. Recently, the children have been learning about the work of Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmentalist, who became the first African woman to win the Nobel peace prize, in 2004. Ms Maathai, Kenya’s deputy environment minister at the time, formed a group that has planted 30 million trees in Africa to help protect the environment.”

“Rather than just see this as a good cause, the children of St Andrew’s are being ‘courageous advocates’ by actually taking action themselves to improve the environment.”

“On Monday they each took home a plant pot and an acorn, with the challenge of nurturing an oak sapling to be planted somewhere appropriate in the future.”


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