Lympsham First School has recently received a donation of young trees from a garden centre.

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre recently held a sapling giveaway for worthy causes on a first come first served basis and has donated the trees to the school for its Eco Schools Grounds Project.

Lynette Blacklock, Eco School Coordinator at the school, said: “The Eco Schools committee were keen to be in with a chance of being picked for some free saplings and compiled a letter to request some for the school. We were delighted to have been chosen to receive some of the free saplings.”

“We would like to create an area behind our Elliot hut, which currently has fencing but no trees, to encourage more birds, insects and wildlife into our grounds and we think the saplings will do really well to help this. The children will enjoy seeing the different wildlife that the saplings attract.”

Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre at Monkton Heathfield near Taunton runs the sapling giveaway scheme annually. Schools, charities and not-for-profit organisations are invited to receive of 50 and 100 indigenous British varieties.