Three more motorists had to be rescued from beaches in the Burnham-On-Sea area on Sunday evening as this week’s high tides caught more out.

Two motorists at Brean and one at Berrow were helped by beachwardens and Burnham-based rescue charity BARB shortly before high tide.

The vehicles became inundated by the incoming sea water shortly before 6pm when their owners misjudged the tide and left their cars unattended.

The beach warden and a crew from Burnham-based rescue charity BARB and Burnham Coastguards were called to the scene to ensure no-one was stuck inside or was putting themselves in danger trying to reach the vehicles.

Burnham Coastguards also gave safety advice to the group of people above, who were seen attempting to push the vehicle from the sea.

It follows an earlier incident on Saturday evening when a vehicle became swamped with sea water, as reported here.

With further high tides due throughout this week, a BARB spokesman said: “We always advise motorists to check the tide times before driving onto our local beaches and to heed warning signs and not take unnecessary risks. We have a wonderful coastline that can be safely enjoyed by holidaymakers and locals alike if used sensibly.”

Beach wardens had been warning motorists parked on the beach about the high tide throughout the day, drawing attention to the signs.

One of the warning signs showing the time of the high tide on Brean beach. Beachwardens were also giving out safety leaflets during the daytime

One of the vehicles being pulled free this evening

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