A Viking invasion re-enactment event is underway in Burnham-On-Sea this weekend as part of a new summer event.

The colourful, family event started on Saturday and continues today (Sunday) in Burnham’s Manor Gardens from 11am to 5.30pm. The Viking Invasion opened on Saturday with several mock ‘battles’ taking place.

The Viking re-enactment group ‘Draca Beordor’ – which means ‘people of the dragon’ – is leading the action.

They have set up a Viking encampment in the gardens for visitors to wander around while learning about history and the lives of those living at the time.

There will also be giving fascinating displays of weaving, dyeing, armour, hunting and cooking.

The warriors are battling twice a day, as well as performing various drills, and also teaching battle skills to young visitors.

On Sunday at 4pm, King Alfred will arrive to pay the Vikings off with ‘dangelt’ gold, just as he did in our area in centuries gone by. It was later when the Vikings returned for another pay out that Alfred’s army were beaten and he hid in the Levels until he could raise another army and it was there that he had his dream of uniting Wessex and then England.

There will also be food and drink stalls, games and crafts, an inflatable slide, a roundabout in front of the Manor Gardens, and plenty of pay parking in nearby car parks. The event is one of several community events organised by BOS Events CIC.

Pictured: The re-enactment underway on Saturday (photos Mike Barnard)

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