wing foiling

A water sport enthusiast says Burnham-On-Sea is the prefect location for the latest activity.

Greg Trezise-Wallace has brought wing foiling – a new twist on wind surfing – to the waters of Burnham-On-Sea.

Wing foiling is the latest water board sport – the surfer manages a wing that is not attached to the board, but is held in two hands while standing on a hydrofoil mounted on a short stand-up paddle board. The hydrofoil allows it to take-off over the water and to fly over the surface.

Greg told “It’s quite a new water sport – it takes a bit of getting used to, but is well worth it.”

“The prevailing onshore winds and calmer waters here in Burnham make the bay here an ideal location.”

“I do a lot of kiting and windsurfing, but this is different – it’s a lot calmer. I’ve only seen a couple of other wing-foiling boards in use in the region so it’s still relatively new, but it could become popular here in the future.”

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