A ‘vulnerable’ 22 year-old woman was rescued from the sea last night (Tuesday) after a huge search operation by crews from Burnham-On-Sea and Weston.

Teams of Coastguards from Burnham and Weston were joined by two hovercrafts from BARB Search & Rescue on Weston beach shortly after 7pm.

A police helicopter and two Weston lifeboats were also launched in the search for the missing woman.

“A full search of the shoreline was completed and the lady was eventually found standing up to her knees in sea water,” said Burnham Coastguard Officer Dave Welland.

“The lady was led from the sea by a water rescue team and taken to a waiting ambulance.”

“She was shivering and already showing the early signs of hypothermia. Given the deteriorating weather conditions, she was fortunate to be found so quickly.”

“This was a good multi-agency response that led to a successful and swift rescue.”

The police helicopter’s search light can be seen here in the sky above the beach