Residents in Highbridge say a speed survey along a busy town road does not reflect the true problem of speeding there.

Following concerns from local residents, Somerset County Council installed a Speed Indicator Device in Worston Road between 26th March and 9th April.

But rather than finding a speeding problem, the survey revealed that the average speed of vehicles is 18mph – which is well below the 30mph limit.

Town councillor John Parkes, right, who lives in Worston Road, told a Town Council meeting this week: “The device was located on a slow stretch of the road and we understand that for three days the device was not working due to a battery problem, so the results do not fairly reflect the speeding issues here.”

“I won’t let this go – we will ask the County Council to properly record the speeds of traffic here so that the problem is fully understood.”

He said that he sees numerous instances of speeding along the road every week and that residents are keen to seen safety improvements.

“Just last year, two children had to dive into my front garden to avoid being knocked over by a passing car that was being driven too quickly,” he said.