September 2004
Brent Knoll goes spotty during Somerset Arts Week!

Burnham-On-Sea residents thought they were going dotty when they looked up at Brent Knoll and saw multi-coloured spots on the hillside.

But the spots – which are visible from the M5 motorway, the A38 and much of Burnham – are actually part of a display marking Somerset Arts Week 2004.

Bridgwater artist Steve Apelt created the eye-catching arranagement of nine spots made from nylon sheet on the southern side of the Knoll.

Each measures nine feet in width and can be seen for miles around Somerset. The organisers call the display “a dramatic and contemporary piece of public art.”

Brent KnollA spokesman added that the spots “have been created to be visually stimulating and allow the colour to blend into our natural landscape.”

Brent Knoll is just one of 300 places in Somerset holding exhibition during the event, which runs until Sunday, September 26, 2004.

Organisers are keen to stress that the Brent Knoll display should only be viewed at a distance and that there is no access to the site as the field on which they are placed is private property.


Brent Knoll History and Background

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