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September 26 , 2004
Net training exercise for Burnham-On-Sea lifeboat

Burnham-On-Sea RNLI have been practising how to return their Atlantic 75 lifeboat to shore during a storm.

As part of the ‘Net training’ exercise – which was performed on Sunday September 26 – a rope net was attached to two struts of the lifeboat trailer. This was then driven into the sea by the RNLI’s tractor to await the lifeboat.

The net safely catches the lifeboat when it is steered into it – even at high speed – thereby protecting it from damage.

The net is attached to the lifeboat trailerA spokesman said: “The net would be used if we needed to quickly get the lifeboat on shore – possibly with a casualty requiring immediate attention – or during bad weather. This was a very successful exercise.”

The Staines Whitfield lifeboat practised the landing three successive times besides Burnham’s jetty.

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