brent knoll school

Brent Knoll School is holding two open mornings this week for prospective pupils starting in September 2020 and their parents to find out about its facilities.

The open mornings will be held on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th October from 9.30am at the school in Brent Street, Brent Knoll (TA9 4EQ) when all will be welcomed.

Head teacher Chris Burman said: “Brent Knoll Primary School is part of The Wessex Learning Trust but as a primary, where children remain until Year 6, we continue to work closely with the King Alfred Academy (TKASA) secondary school in Highbridge, where the majority of our children choose to go in Year 7.”

“We also maintain close links with the other primaries in Highbridge and Burnham. In essence, we are fortunate in being able to work within two communities of schools.”

“If you are looking for a school where you really do ‘belong’, but that also offers many extra-curricular opportunities as well as good academic outcomes, please do come and visit.”

“We have a very successful and active Year 5 and 6 which continue to grow in numbers. Our Year 6 have a dedicated classroom with a team of teaching staff who ensure that each child is ready, not only for SATS but for their transition to their next school.”

The open mornings are designed for Parents and Carers to come and see the School and experience part of a typical day.  They will be able to see classes in progress and meet staff and current pupils of the school. Please call the school if you would like more information or would like to attend.

“As the first days of the new school year end, the Year Six class at Brent Knoll has been out and about enjoying outdoor learning on the Knoll. The children spent a morning being archaeologists and they found a huge number of ammonites and other fossils, all of which led to an interesting discussion about how the fossils got there.”

“Blackberrying followed on the way home, as an introduction to some classroom cooking. This year’s Year 6 cohort are now very much looking forward to matching the success of last year’s group who achieved excellent results in their Key Stage 2 SATs. Not for the first time in recent years, the Year 6s at Brent Knoll have exceeded the average scores for Somerset in the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths whilst also enjoying a range of outdoor interests.”

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