Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge’s County Council election results were announced on Friday.

In Burnham North, Cllr Peter Clayton (Conservative) retained his seat while Cllr Mike Murphy (Lib Dem), pictured above, also won a seat. In Highbridge and Burnham South, Cllr John Woodman (Conservative) retained his seat while Alistair Hendry (Conservative) won the second seat.

It comes on a day when the Liberal Democrats won overall control of Somerset County Council with gains across the county. The Conservative Party had been in charge of Somerset County Council since 2009. The final tally of overall seats is: Lib Dems: 61; Conservative: 36; Green Party: 5; Labour: 5; Independents: 3

Burnham North County Council Election Result:

– CLAYTON, Peter (Con) 1384 Elected
– JONES, Kathy (Con) 1269
– MURPHY, Mike (Lib Dem) 1597 Elected
– SUTCLIFFE, Tony (Lib Dem) 1288
Turnout: 36.72%

Cllr Clayton told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I am very pleased to have been re-elected and thank all those people who voted for me. It has been a difficult time nationally and I was disappointed to see several spoiled votes, but am very pleased to have won the seat.”

Cllr Mike Murphy said: “This is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to be a county councillor and look forward to helping Burnham get a bigger share of the funding pot. I intend to ask a forum of local people to provide their opinions on how we can improve things. I am absolutely thrilled to have won.”

Huntspill County Council Election Result:

– AUJLA, Suria (Con) 1218 Elected
– BARON, Christina (Lib Dem) 681
– DUNTON, Martin (Lib Dem) 708
– GLASSFORD, Alex (Lab) 338
– HEALEY, Mark (Con) 1289 Elected
– LEAVY, Liz (Lab and Co-op) 320
Turnout: 32.01%

Cllr Mark Healey said: “I’m really delighted to have won. Its good to see a mix of experienced councillors and new blood on the council. I look  forward to working with the Lib Dems for our area. Politics shouldn’t be at this level – it’s irrelevant. Let’s all work together.”

Cllr Suria Aujla added: “I only moved to Pawlett in November so am so grateful for the support. I have received so much lovely feedback – it’s an honour that people have put faith in me and I hope we can all work together for the benefit of our whole community.”

Highbridge & Burnham South County Council Election Result:

– AYRES, Lizzy (Lib Dem) 596
– BAKER, Ross (Lib Dem) 730
– COOK-WOODMAN, John (Con) 857 Elected
– HENDRY, Alistair Frank (Con) 804 Elected
– KEEN, Roger Charles (Ind) 391
– LUPU, Neculai 83
– METCALFE, Ben (Lab) 282
Turnout: 27.3%

John Woodman said: “I am absolutely delighted to have won and thank all those who voted for me. I promise to work hard for everyone in the area and to represent them.”

Alistair Hendry added: “Having been a Sedgemoor District Councillor for several years this is a step up for me to county level. I am extremely happy to have won a seat and will do my best to serve residents in our area.”

Brent Division County Council Election Result:

– BROADHURST, Gregory (Lib Dem) 1254
– FILMER, Bob (Con) 1718 Elected
– GRIMES, Tony (Con) 1475 Elected
– SCANLON, Jamie (Lib Dem) 1179
Turnout: 37.7%

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