Cheryl Mountford tai chi instructor

A tai chi instructor in Burnham-On-Sea is publishing online videos of her exercise sessions to help people stuck at home during the Coronavirus outbreak keep active and also reduce stress and tension.

Cheryl Mountford, who runs the Burnham-based Bubbling Springs tai chi group, has posted several of her popular Qigong sesisons for people of all ages to follow along from home.

Talking to, Cheryl says: “I stopped my classes two weeks ago and, as many of the 150 people in my classes are in the ‘at risk’ Coronavirus bracket, either due to chronic health conditions or being aged over 70, I thought I would try and keep them moving somehow and help them along.”

“The first video was Qigong to boost the immune sysem which was closely followed by a meditation session with the same purpose.”

“They were well received so I decided to continue. It’ll probably be one a week and the latest was a gentle warm up. I am hoping to involve those that have never been to my classes too.”

“Since the schools are closed too, and I have run a few short sessions for pupils, I thought I’d have a go at that too. These are aimed at Primary School children, although hopefully siblings or other family members can join in alongside.”

“I am using Qigong movements based on those of animals and adding little snippets of general knowledge too. I think it’s good fun so I hope they do too!”

She adds: “For information, Qigong – or energy work – originated many years ago in China. The movements have a connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the same principle behind Acupuncture.”

“In TCM, many ailments and even personality issues can be caused by blockages or an imbalance in the body’s Qi. The movements are aimed at improving the Qi flow aroung the body, thus benefitting well, just about anything, depending on the movements.”

The videos can either be accessed through YouTube or Facebook, both ‘Bubbling Springs Tai Chi and Qigong’.
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