Dog running

A local councillor has called for more dog parks and dog training areas in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge after she was bitten by dogs twice in recent weeks.

Town councillor Helen Groves believes improved facilities are needed due to the rising numbers of people owning dogs over the past couple of years.

She says: “With the increase in dog ownership nationally and locally, a lack of early socialisation opportunities for lockdown puppies and increasing incidence of problems arising from off-lead dogs with poor recall, I would really appreciate your views about the potential of a provision of enclosed dog park/training spaces within our towns.”

“Almost every dog owner – of the responsible variety – I know has reported increasing problems with this.”

“Part of it I think is poor understanding from owners – often first time owners – while some however is environmental. Not everyone has a large outdoor space to practice recall, desensitisation to distractions and social skills.”

“Granted there are a few fields you can hire but not everyone can drive to them or frequently enough.”

“I have myself been nipped twice in recent weeks by off lead dogs and had a close call with one other.”

“I can’t help but think it would be better/safer for dog owners and the public, especially children who frequently share space, to have a dedicated space for this in both towns?”

“I would add, that in Burnham and Highbridge, the problem isn’t limited to our urban spaces. Dogs without proper recall are at risk of injury in many of our coastal and Riverside areas and present a threat to livestock.”

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