Local animal lover Ethan, 10, has completed an Edinburgh University to help give  several chickens which he rescued a fantastic home.

Ethan, who attends East Huntspill Primary School, adopted eight chickens in April from  local sanctuary Pear Tree Farm.

To convince his parents of his passion and diligence in looking after them, he completed a 10-hour course in ‘chicken behaviour and welfare’ from Edinburgh University.

Ethan also sells their eggs with all proceeds going to their upkeep and towards Pear Tree Farm to help rescue more animals.

The youngster says: “I’m really passionate for animals and I just wanted to give them a better life, really.”

“They’ve had a miserable life, with not much room. They’ve just sat there, laying eggs.”

Principal Steve Davis adds: “Ethan has been very excited about what he has done for the chickens. We are very proud of him and his love and care for animals.”

Pictured: Ethan is pictured with his chickens and ‘Christina Egguilera’ on his shoulder


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