Burnham-n-Sea rubbish collection

Somerset Waste Partnership is set to hold its first Somerset Recycling Week from Monday (September 26th) to promote recycling across the county.

At more than 56%, Somerset’s recycling rate is higher than it has ever been but there is always more to do, says SWP.

The organisation will be sharing information, highlighting progress and promoting top tips to help make great recycling part of the Somerset DNA.

Monday will see the publication of the latest Somerset Recycling Tracker for 2021-22 showing the detail of how much was recycled, carbon saved and how much was recycled in the UK. There will be lots of information on the SWP website somersetwaste.gov.uk.

They will also be sharing the latest news on the impact of Recycle More, including the large amounts of new materials collected from the county’s kerbsides.

Councillor Sarah Dyke, Chair of the Somerset Waste Board, says: “Most people in Somerset recyle and we have a record to be proud of.”

“But we can do even more and Recycling Week is about getting everyone thinking about the little extra steps we can all take that can together make a big environmental impact.”


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