Farm blaze in Stretcholt

A fundraising campaign that has been launched to help two fire-hit residents who lost their homes and belongings in a huge farm blaze near Burnham-On-Sea at the weekend has raised over £1,300 so far.

12 fire crews battled the fierce blaze that tore through Seymour Farm in Sloway Lane, Stretcholt, in the early hours of Sunday, badly damaging buildings, a stable and domestic accommodation, as we reported here.

Two of the residents on the farm lost their homes and their belongings in the blaze – so now a supportive friend, Burnham resident Millie Hale, has launched a fundraising campaign to help them.

Millie told “Hearing about the fire was a huge shock – I used to keep my own horse on the farm so I know it well and I have known Emma and Kathy, the residents affected, for many years.”

“They are wonderful people who would help anyone so it’s the least I can do to help them now in their time of need.”

She adds: “The farm wasn’t just a farm. It was a livelihood, a home to horses, a home to our friends.”

“One of our brave friends, Claire, risked her life by running in to get about ten horses to safety – one already had fire around it in its straw.”

“Very sadly, the homes of two friends, Emma and Kathy, who rented homes on the farm, could not be saved and they have lost everything but the clothes they were wearing.”

Stretcholt farm blaze near Burnham-On-Sea

“Memories, possessions, everything they have ever worked for has been destroyed.”

“They are the most selfless people you could meet, much loved and respected not only in the ‘normal’ world but the horse world too, ones that would help you with anything and everything.”

“So now it’s our turn. Please, we are asking for any donations big or small would be very welcomed and appreciated to helping us get them back on their feet and re-building what they once had and making this process a little bit easier for them.”

Millie adds: “We are really pleased to have raised over £500 in 24 hours and hope to raise £1,000 to help them. The funds will be split evenly between them to help then recover and buy essential things lost in the fire.”

Click here for the fundraising page.

Stretcholt farm blaze near Burnham-On-Sea

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