Highbridge Library could be saved from closure if 15 volunteers are found to help run it as a community facility, a town councillor has said this week.

At a town council meeting on Monday, Cllr Chris Williams (pictured) appealed for helpers to come forward to operate the threatened Market Street library.

He told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I was appalled by the County Council’s suggestion of closure, particularly as the ward is one of the most deficient socially and economically in the whole of Somerset.”

“Wards like Highbridge need support with existing services, not cuts, whether they be promoted by the central government coalition or the current County Council.”

“We are appealing for any residents who would be prepared to act as volunteers at the library to contact the clerk.”

“If 15 or more potential volunteers reply, there should be an evening meeting in Highbridge between the potential volunteers, representatives from this council, and the County Council to specifically look at Highbridge becoming a community library under one of the two schemes on offer.”

“If there is not an adequate response, no-one can accuse the Town Council of failing to get an opportunity for Highbridge residents to keep their library. If there is an adequate response, there may be a chance of some funding from this council towards keeping the service running.”

The library was last year named on a hit list of 20 libraries across Somerset which the County Council wants to wind down as part of a £75million cost-cutting exercise.

Residents are asked to contact the Town Clerk’s office on 01278 788088 to express their interest in joining the volunteers running the library.