June 10, 2005
Para-motoring duo take to the skies above Burnham-On-Sea

Two flying enthusiasts took to the skies above Burnham-On-Sea this week using these high-tech para-motoring systems on their backs.

John Hall (right) and Pete Emery have each spent up to £6,000 on the revolutionary systems, which enable them to take off from virtually anywhere.

The helicopter-like rotor blades get them airbourne and a parachute is used to control direction and act as a safety aid.

This week, the pair took advantage of the calm weather conditions to fly across Somerset and then land on a quiet part of the town’s beach.

Pete told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “You’re on your own up there with no people and no traffic – just the occasional bird and the sound of the wind. It’s an incredible feeling.”

He added: “We fly up to 1,000 feet with speeds of up to 40mph. A small GPS navigation system helps us keep track of where we are and how fast we’re going. This is an essential piece of kit, because safety is obviously so important.”

The duo set off from Puriton and took in some incredible views of Somerset’s countryside and coastline, skirting around Highbridge and then gliding down to the beach at Burnham.

John added: “It’s scary to begin with, but great fun. You get a real buzz from it.”


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