June 7, 2005
Burnham and Highbridge’s streets get a splash of summer colour

More than £3,000 of colourful flower baskets were hung up along the streets of Burnham and Highbridge this week ahead of the start of the annual Britain In Bloom competition.

Volunteers from Hillview Carnival Club helped to lift 46 baskets into place on 15 lamp posts along Burnham High Street on Tuesday evening (June 7th).

The baskets – which are funded from grants – were designed by pupils at Brent Knoll’s autistic school.

Dave Perrett, the co-ordinator of Burnham’s entry in the annual competition (pictured right), said he was delighted with the look of the High Street, adding that judges will be visiting the town between July 11 and July 27.

He added: “It’s important for the rest of the community to pull together and help too – the judges won’t just be looking at the baskets we’ve put up. They’ll be looking at our verges, streets, litter levels, private gardens and the overall environment.”

Baskets being put up along Burnham High Street using a cherry picker vehicle on Tuesday eveningPavilion owner Harry Parkin is a keen supporter of Burnham’s blossoming efforts and has once again pulled out all the stops again this year by decorating his forecourt with a colourful array of blooms.

Louise Parkin, who runs several food shops on the pier’s forecourt, said: “Given that we have possibly the worst place imaginable to grow flowers because the wind burns them to a frazzle on a regular basis, if we can do this so can everyone else.”

She added: “If everybody makes an effort, imagine what the result would be.”


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