A Burnham-On-Sea teaching assistant and four friends have raised over £1,000 for a charity close to their hearts.

Sam Stockham, who works at Brent Knoll School, completed the London 10km Run with pals Fiona Wilson, Tom Durston, John Durston and Clair Bell – to raise money for the Myotubular Trust.

Burnham-On-Sea.com first featured Sam’s fundraising efforts in March when she ran the Bath Half Marathon, having been inspired by her godson, who has Hunter’s disease, a rare genetic condition that currently has no cure.

She told Burnham-On-Sea.com this week: “Five of us from the Burnham-On-Sea and Pawlett area completed the British London 10km run for the Myotubular Trust.”

“My friend, Clair Bell, sadly lost her little boy, Daniel, to the disease Myotubluar Myopathy which is a genetic disease that mainly effects boys and is relatively unheard of to most people.”

The five raised nearly £1,200 for the good cause. For more information, see the trust’s website at www.myotubulartrust.com.

Pictured above are Fiona Wilson, Tom Durston, John Durston, Clair Bell and Sam Stockham after completing the race