New video footage has been captured of late night, high-speed anti-social driving in Burnham-On-Sea’s seafront car park by residents as they step up their campaign for Police and Sedgemoor District Council to resolve the ‘increasing’ problems.

Residents captured ​the video at 11.57pm ​on Friday night (June 26th) ​to ​show​ how​ vehicles ​are being driven ​”recklessly at high speed” in the seafront car park.​

​They say up to 15 cars and motorbikes have been gathering in the Pier Street car park late at night, ​creat​ing noise, causing a safety hazard and giv​ing​ them sleepless nights​.

​A brand new ‘residents action group’ ​has been formed ​to campaign for Sedgemoor District Council and ​Avon and Somerset ​Police to do more to halt the problem​.

Boy racers in Burnham-On-Sea seafront car park

They want to see the car park closed at night ​with barriers introduced to ​stop vehicles gathering there at night​.​

One resident​​​ who has formed the group​ – who wishes to remain anonymous​ -told “We are forming the new action group to co-ordinate our efforts in getting the Council to do something.”

“This is initially made up of residents on the seafront, in Steart Drive, Steart Avenue, Steart Gardens and also BARB, who have given us their full support.”

He adds: “It is a sad state of affairs that some of the residents are still living displaced in their own homes as certain rooms cannot be used due to the noise from anti-social behaviour caused by the ‘boy racers’.”

Burnham-On-Sea Pier Street car park

“I feel really sorry for some of the elderly today who feel totally let down by the Council.

This ongoing issue is having a very detrimental effect on the mental health of many of the residents.”

“With lockdown easing many of us are phoning 101 every night reporting issues in the car park. Sometimes the Police can respond but many times the offenders have sped off by the time the Police get there.”

“Police responders from Bridgwater did apprehend one car on Friday night, but I was disappointed that the Police only gave him a verbal warning and asked him to leave the area. These officers agreed with me that the car park should be closed at night.”

Pier Street car park sign damaged by boy racers

“In the past few months SDC has resurfaced the small car park at the front of B&M and have the car Oxford Street car park next to Lidl.”

“Surely some of this money could have been better spent on Pier Street modifications? The council’s lack of action is facilitating the anti-social behaviour and boy racers in Pier Street.”

The new group is calling for a meeting with Police and Sedgemoor District Council to discuss the next steps on resolving the issue.

“Physical barriers closing sections of the car park at night will stop the Boy Racers and then hopefully the associated anti-social behaviour by all the groups meeting in the car park every night.”

“It will also stop travellers and lorries from staying over night which is not allowed but happens on a regular basis.”

​ has invited Sedgemoor District Council and Avon and Somerset Police to comment.


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