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More than 98 per cent of Somerset children were offered a primary school place at one of their top three choices, the County Council’s latest school admission figures show.

The new figures, released on Friday April 16th, show that overall, 98.5 per cent of the 5,365 applicants were offered a place at one of their top three primary school choices, and 94.58 per cent received their first choice.

A spokesman says: “Anyone who applied for places online will receive the outcome by email on Friday 16 April. It could take until lunchtime for emails to arrive, so parents/carers are asked to be patient. Those who applied using paper forms will receive notification by post in the coming days.”

The admissions team is asking that families do not contact their allocated school at this time.

Schools will make contact to discuss the admission and transition arrangements and will not be able to discuss admissions before they get in touch with parents/carers.

Last year 5,600 applications were received. Of those, 98.27 per cent of applicants received one of their top three preferences and 93.07 per cent received their first primary school preference.

Of the 5,365 primary school applications received this year:

  1. 1st preference met – 94.58 per cent (5,074 applications)
  2. 2nd preference – 3.37 per cent (181 applications)
  3. 3rd preference – 0.56 per cent (30 applications)

Parents/carers of children not offered one of their top three primary school preferences can appeal the decision. More information about the appeal process can be found at

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