A new night-time badger rescue group for the Burnham-On-Sea area launches today (March 1st).

A new voluntary group, called Badger Care People, is providing a night service for all wildlife animal casualties.

It comes after Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill decided at the end of January that it can no longer carry out a full 24-hour rescue service for wildlife.

Therefore, the new group is operating from 8pm to 8am daily, providing care throughout the night when other wildlife organisations are not able to provide this service.

Casualty animals cared for by Badger Care People are transferred into the care of another organisation, generally Secret World Wildlife Rescue, the following morning.

Badger Care People is a totally voluntary group, fulfilling a very important need. Without their service there would often be nobody to provide assistance and care for these animals.

The animals will be received at New Road Farm, home of Pauline Kidner, who has been rescuing wildlife for many years.

“Once we realised there was nowhere for them to go,” said Pauline, “many of us wanted to help with rescues, care and assessment of animals during the night.”

“So we have formed a group to help and provide advice whenever we can. We are working with the Somerset and Devon badger groups but are there for all wildlife. With just over 70 members, we will do as much as possible.”

For all Wildlife Casualties from 8pm to 8am call 07954 036687.

If you need help or would like to volunteer/donate to our costs please contact General enquiries at info@badgercarepeople.org or call 01342 870220.

Pauline Kidner is the founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue and still works with them as an advisor.

“This new group is a completely separate entity from Secret World,” added Pauline. “Secret World is quite rightly focusing on raising funds for a wildlife hospital that is desperately needed to carry out all aspects of the rehabilitation of their many casualties.”