A unique mud painting workshop is set to be held on the beach next to Brean Down this week.

The free event on Thursday 26th August will be led by local geologist Mathilde Braddock and painter and art educator Sara Dudman in order to explore how geology can inform art along the Somerset coast.

Members of the public are being invited to join them at 10am, 12pm or 2pm at Brean Down Cafe, next to the National Trust Car Park, to explore painting with muds collected from the coastline.

Sara told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Mathilde and I will introduce people to making and using paints made from local Somerset coast muds which we’ve collected from along the coast.”

“We will invite people to make individual and collaborative artworks on paper on the picnic tables outside the Cove CafĂ© and we will also spend some time on the beach itself, creating artworks using mud paints (made from Cornish muds for colour contrast) poured directly on the sand and then scratching designs and drawings into the mud, to create sgraffito-style artwork.”

“Mathilde will help participants to understand the geology of the coast and why some muds and rocks make better paints than others.”

“Our aim is to use the processes and activities to deepen people’s appreciation of their local coast, open conversations about rocks, coast, the earth, the sea, climate change, why artists and scientists sometimes work together, and make artwork from mud.”

The event is being led in conjunction with Plover Rovers and Somerset Wildlife Trust and is a preliminary event to publicise an exhibition about ‘Somerset’s Brilliant Coast’ which will open in Watchet later this year.

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