Brent Knoll speed watch

Residents in Brent Knoll have this week installed dozens of speed warning signs to their rubbish bins alongside roads in the village amid growing concerns about speeding motorists.

Members of the village’s speed watch group have purchased over 100 stickers, which residents have added to their bins along problem spots such as Burton Row and Ham Road.

Talking to, the group’s leader, Mary Cole, pictured above, says the initiative has received broad support from residents.

Brent Knoll speed watch

“We often record 200 vehicles an hour passing along Burton Row, with the vast majority speeding over 30mph,” she says.

“It’s a straight stretch of road and motorists speed along even though there are many walkers, cyclists, horse riders and families using the road.”

“We’re really worried that the will be a fatality here. We do regular speed checks with the support of the Police but the problem has got worse over the last year during the lockdown.”

Brent Knoll speed watch

Mary adds: “There have been fewer vehicles on the roads but that has meant drivers have been going even faster, it’s a real problem.”

“Given these issues, we have distributed 100 stickers to residents, inviting them to stick them onto their rubbish bins to try and warn drivers of the speed limit.”

“All the residents here are anxious to try and raise awareness of the speed limit.”

Brent Knoll speed watch

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