Brent Knoll School Carnival Mask
Brent Knoll School children have created this colourful carnival mask which will be going on display in Bridgwater this week with over 20 others as part of the town’s carnival mask trail.
“Our mask was painted by children in our after-school club and it celebrates the work of key workers, with the theme of ‘Thank you’,” says headteacher Chris Burman.

Every year, schools across Sedgemoor are invited to take part in fun-filled activities as part of the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival celebrations.

“Ever since these carnival education projects were introduced, hundreds of pupils from Sedgemoor’s primary and secondary schools have been given the chance to demonstrate their artistic and creative talents,” says a carnival spokesman.

“These projects now form an interesting and informative part of their curriculum, installing an interest in our event which, hopefully, will last a lifetime.”


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