Burnham Berrow Golf Course

Burnham and Berrow Golf Course is set to re-open for play on Monday (March 29th) and the club is reminding residents to stay safe and keep to footpaths during the daytime.

The club’s sceretary Karen Drake says: “As we ease out of lockdown measures and indeed re-open the Golf Course on Monday 29 March, we will be open for golf from Monday.”

“The Club has been delighted to see so many local residents using the Golf Course for their daily exercise over the last couple of months and we are grateful for the support that members of the public have given us in alerting us to any issues as they are walking the courses.”

“We are extremely appreciative of the consideration given by all walkers for the protection of the fine turf areas and we hope that they have enjoyed the advantage of living so close to a large open space to enable them to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.”

“But the golf course can be a dangerous place, so we ask that all members of the public keep to the Public Footpaths during daytime hours.”


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