A mobility scooter user and her scooter was rescued from mud on Burnham-On-Sea beach  by Burnham Coastguards and BARB and after she got stuck on Friday afternoon (July 16th).

Crews were called to the beach between Burnham-On-Sea and Berrow at 2.28pm after the scooter was reported to be stranded, as pictured here.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “We were tasked with reports of a person on a mobility scooter that had become stuck in the mud just north of the Lower Lighthouse.”

“We arrived on scene to find the mobility scooter had ventured the wrong side of the sand bar and ended up becoming bogged down.”

“We quickly set about making a plan of extraction for the scooter owner and the scooter. As the mud was quite firm to walk on we set up two stretchers and dragged them up to the side of the scooter to create a makeshift walkway for the owner as they were unable to walk far.”

“So we ensured one stretcher had a bag of rope to use as a seat so they could sit down while we extracted the mobility scooter.”

“With a little bit of Burnham Coastguard muscle, the cart was soon out on firm ground again. The person reboarded the cart and we sent them off in a safe direction while we packed up and then followed along to ensure they were still moving.”

“When we caught up with them it transpired the battery had gone flat and there was not enough power to get off the beach.”

“We called upon our friends from BARB Search & Rescue, who have a spare trailer that is ideal for this type of incident.”

“They came along to our location and we loaded the tired scooter into the trailer and a grateful owner into the vehicle and they helped the person with their onward journey.”

“Once they had cleared the beach we were able to return to station to wash and sanitise the equipment.”

“Thank you to the BARB team for helping out good multi-agency working.”

“It may seem like someone being careless and getting stuck but it is actually quite easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the sandbar if you are heading from Brean to Burnham.”

“You suddenly find yourself in a muddy cul-de-sac. There was only a matter of a few feet between firm ground and a thin layer of dry sand covering the sticky soft mud before you know it you are stuck and unable to get out.”

“The person in question did exactly the right thing and dialled 999 asking for the Coastguards as did a passer-by who stopped to ensure the person was OK but stayed at a safe distance.”

“A great example of our amazing and helpful community.”

“We are anticipating a busy weekend so if you are out and about and see anyone in difficulty then please dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.”


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