Burnham-On-Sea Tae-Kwon-Do enthusiast Andy Hutton-Young is this week celebrating after winning a bronze medal at the British Championships.

Andy, who trains with the TAGB Tae Kwon-Do Club based at Highbridge’s King Alfred School Academy, competed at the British Championships on November 25th at The Worcester Arena in a showcase of skill and determination.

The event drew an impressive turnout of over 1,200 competitors across the country, with teams representing the four home nations and even the Netherlands.

The standard of competition was exceptionally high, making the stakes even greater for those who stepped onto the mat.

Andy faced tough opposition, describing the championship as one of the most challenging competitions of the year.

“I knew it was going to be tough, but the level of competition exceeded my expectations,” says Andy.

“Every match pushed me to my limits, and I believe these experiences define us as martial artists.”

Despite the fierce competition, he emerged with a well-deserved bronze medal, a testament to his commitment and skill within the sport.

Reflecting on his achievement, he adds: “Coming away with anything other than lessons and memories in such a tough competition is a bonus. It’s a reminder of my progress and the areas where I can continue to improve.”

Jane Lambert-Majewicz, Holistic TKD Coach, adds: “For those inspired by Andy’s success or anyone interested in joining the vibrant Tae Kwon-Do community in Burnham-On-Sea, the Holistic Tae Kwon-Do group invites you to experience the art firsthand.”

“Free trial sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at King Alfred School, allowing individuals or family members to explore the world of Tae Kwon-Do in a supportive and welcoming environment.”

“Holistic Tae Kwon-Do not only focuses on the physical aspects of the martial arts but also emphasises mental and spiritual well-being.”

“Joining the community offers a path to physical fitness and a journey toward personal growth and self-discovery.”

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